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Lancelot the Bald and

Eric the Viking:

A Historical Variety Extravaganza

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible feats of Lancelot the Bald and Eric the Viking, two historical variety characters who will leave you spellbound with their death-defying stunts, sharp wit, and captivating stage presence.


Lancelot the Bald

Lancelot the Bald, with his shiny pate and cheeky grin, is a master juggler who can keep an audience on the edge of their seats with his daring and hilarious performances. He effortlessly juggles crystal balls, large and loud handbells, and even deadly sharp knives, all while keeping up a running commentary of sharp wit and self-deprecating humor. His signature rope walking routine is the stuff of legend and never fails to captivate and amaze the crowd.

Eric the Viking

Eric the Viking, a fearsome warrior with a fiery spirit, brings the heat to the stage with his breathtaking fire juggling and axe-wielding feats. Watch in awe as he spins plates on his sword and helmet horns, juggles flaming torches and battle axes, and even rides a miniature Viking longship while performing daring stunts.

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