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Groovy Guy"
A brilliant street show.
Tricks and stunts that are playful, funny and exciting.

"Wow, great,this is great"! - Penn Jillette

Holder of the $10,000 hat!

In August 2013 the Travel Channel secretly filmed the street performers of Boston, Massachusetts and after some expert consideration Groovy Guy was judged to be the best. As a prize Penn Jillette dropped $10,000 into Groovy Guy's hat. This was subsequently broadcast as "Street Cred" and you can watch the good bits by clicking the link below. 

Click here to watch

As a teenager Guy started out by juggling three balls on the streets of Paris and he has grown up to become and international street performing sensation.  A regular at Covent Garden Market, London; Faneuil Hall, Boston and the Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland plus numerous street festivals across Canada, Australia, Europe and even the Middle East.

Guy Collins is "The Groovy Guy". The pavement becomes his stage and everyone can join in the fun! Be wowed by extraordinary juggling tricks and improbable feats of balance.  Rope walking whilst juggling knives, a big unicycle and spectacular fire juggling.  Groovy Guy's positive energy and humour have a magical effect upon his crowds and produce much cheering and laughter.

"It was our great pleasure to have the Groovy Guy as one of our top-tier busker acts at the 20th and 21st Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. Guy has a very entertaining, skilled act that was a hit with all who viewed it. His circle shows were always very well attended and from an organizer's point of view, he was very easy to work with." - Jan MacDonald, Projects Manager, Downtown Kingston

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