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Lancelot the Bald

An authentic English gentleman resplendent in tights, this bright character will have you in stitches with his improbable stunts and cheeky comedy. He often leaves his audience not only thinking “How did he do that”, but also, “Why did he do that”!

You never know what’s going to occur as the audience help out our hero. The only thing that is certain is that laughter will follow!

Watch as he spins plates from his mouth and on the horns of a Viking helmet. Stare in wonder as he balances on a rolling ship and walks blindfolded on a rope. Gasp as he plays with fire, knives and even axes.

Check out the fantastic "Lancelot" videos below or on the Video page of this website.

Top 7 Comic Acts to Catch at The MD Renaissance Festival from MD Theatre Guide 7th September 2017 -

"Lancelot the Bald is an English gentleman of many talents.  Lancelot can spin plates from his mouth and on the horns of a Viking helmet, balance atop a rolling cylinder made to look like a ship, and walk on a tightrope held up by a team of volunteers from the audience.  This performer is sharp, witty, and never short on energy. "