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Workshops and Lessons

Learn to Juggle

Learn to juggle it is fun, easy and it improves brain power. The hour long session starts off with the whole class balancing Peacock feathers (which really boosts everyone's confidence), we then move on to scarf juggling and finally juggling with balls. At the end of the hour almost everyone will be able to juggle 3 scarves and most people will be able to juggle with three balls or at least understand how. Guy has been teaching this workshop for 25 years and has taught countless children and adults to juggle with great success. Maximum number for this workshop is 30 (But 20 or less is ideal for personal attention). Age 5 and upwards.  He has even taught a couple of people who were in there 80's. All equipment is provided by Guy.

Recycled Circus

The Recycled Circus is a show and workshop or even a week long residency in which "Groovy Guy"  will teach you how to make circus props from stuff that has been thrown out and then give you ideas on how to use them to entertain.

Suitable for libraries, schools and community youth groups.

In the most basic 2 hour program he will perform a show, outlining the need for recycling, using props made from recycled materials. Following the show there will be a learn to juggle workshop. Almost everyone should come away being able to juggle 3 objects.

A week long residency would start with a demonstration/show from "Groovy Guy" followed by some basic circus skills training using Guy's own recycled props.  Having established some of the props and routines that the participants would like to utilize we move on to building the props from materials that have been discarded. Having built the props and made up routines using them, the culmination of the week will be a show put on by the participants for friends and family. 


February 16, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

It was my extreme pleasure to work with Guy Collins on a multi-age juggling project this year. In addition to being a talented performer and teacher, Guy remained professional, enthusiastic and flexible throughout the planning and implementation of our project.

As director of the Cambridge Elementary School Gifted & Talented Program I help design and coordinate school-wide projects and residencies. This year we implemented a multidisciplinary “Green Theme” that integrated environmental education with juggling, reading, music, art, and dramatics. A highlight of our theme was a two day residency with Guy Collins called,"Learning to juggle using recycled materials." Guy worked directly with students in grades 4, 5, and 6 to bring creative movement and expression to our project. Each classroom received two 45 minute sessions in which Guy taught the students to juggle with recycled materials (tennis balls and plastic shopping bags.)

Our staff was thoroughly impressed with Guy’s ability to adjust to the needs and abilities of children in the different grades and differentiate instruction for all students. The children learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short amount of time, had a lot of fun and were incredibly enthusiastic about sharing their new skills with parents and other students at a culminating performance. Several community members commented on the manner in which the students demonstrated self-confidence and pleasure as performers.

I whole heartedley recommend Guy for work on future school projects.


Ellen Koier

Gifted & Talented Program Coordinator

Junk Juggling (Workshop for 8 years & up)

Learning to juggle can improve your brainpower, hand-eye coordination, physical fitness, balance, rhythm and reflexes. Over the past 20 years "Groovy Guy" has taught many, many people to successfully juggle.

To start all the students  will be taught to balance an object on their hands, fingers and heads. This is a good warm up and everyone is able to do it.

Using plastic shopping bags and discarded tennis balls stuffed with bird seed the basics of juggling will be quickly grasped by most people, almost everyone should leave the workshop being able to juggle three objects.

There will also be some more advanced juggling props i.e.- clubs (pins), a teeter-tater board and a unicycle, (all made from discarded materials) for those who already possess basic juggling skills, to try.

Instruction on how to make your own juggling balls will be provided and information will be given for people who wish to build some of the more advanced props.

These workshops are from 45 minutes to 2 hours in length and are always a lot of fun, everyone comes away with a sense of accomplishment.

Instruction for Adults

Great for breaking the ice at corporate gatherings, help with problem solving and just good, plain fun.  I can come and teach you and your group how to juggle.  A basic learn to juggle workshop lasts about an hour and pretty much everyone comes away being able to juggle three objects.  Your group will also become much closer to each other in this time.  We can even get juggling balls with your own Logo.

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